GAMP Nordic

Siri Segalstad has been on the Board of Directors of GAMP Nordic since it was founded in January 2002 as the first geographical GAMP subgroup. She was on the board until 2012.

GAMP Nordic has a steering committee of 8-10 people from the Nordic countries. We organize about three meetings every year with updates on GAMP issues. The meetings often have a theme like “outsourcing”, “GAMP5” (when that was new), “laboratories”, and so on. Suggestions for themes are welcome!

Active member of GAMP

As a member I have given many presentations for GAMP and ISPE across the world, including Istanbul, Turkey; Glasgow, Scotland, and the Nordic countries.

I am also a member of the GAMP Community of Practice (GAMP COP), and have contributed to the testing chapter in GAMP5, as well as commenting on other GAMP5 texts.

Special Interest Groups—SIG

Apart from being on the board of directors, I have also taken part in several Special Interest groups. One was on Building Management Systems to FQA where the outcome was a Position Paper.